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Welcome to the Cultivate OFN Shop!

Calling all Students!!

The system for the student sign ups has changed.

Please go to http://cultivateoxford.org/ to set up a direct debit.  
We can freeze your payments out of term time.  The small box is the equivalent size to the student bag last term and cheaper!!  

The only places we can deliver to are: 
A private address inside the ring road
 Oxford Hub Office, 36 Little Clarendon Street, LMH (Veg Shed)
 St Catz
 Merrifield (Wadham)
DWB (Wadham)

Please put one of the above in the delivery address so your box gets to you!

Deliveries to private addresses are Friday pm
All other addresses are Thursday pm

We are low carbon, we prioritise local producers, so your food doesn’t travel far and we deliver by bike (within the Oxford ring road)
We only use biodegradable plastic or compostable packaging.
All our produce is sustainably produced; over 80% is organic.
We are low waste, and any waste we do have supports local community projects such as Waste2Taste.
We provide small local producers with a route to market and pay them fairly (50-70% of the sale price).
Our efforts boost the local economy, keeping money circulating in the community.

The delivery service is currently being offered to residents of Oxford City but we also have a pick-up point in Kidlington. If you'd like your produce delivered but live further afield please get in touch via info@cultivateoxford.org to let us know. 

Many thanks, The Cultivate Team