New Dawn Traders - Bristol


Orders are closed

Please wait until the next cycle opens (or contact us directly to see if we can accept any late orders)

The last cycle closed 4 months ago

Gone Sailing!

Our shop will be closed as we research, plan and prepare our next voyage. Our work is seasonal and follows the favourable winds. European sail cargo deliveries will be between late Spring and early Autumn. Tran-Atlantic deliveries will be in the Spring. Follow us on Instagram for the latest updates!

Why pre-order and collect?

  Creating a sustainable economy around sailing cargo ships is our biggest challenge. The ships we work with are not sailing to compete with Maersk. Our ships, like the olive trees, demands our patience, loyalty and love. They ask us to be human and not ‘consumer’. 

  By purchasing in advance the cost of both the cargo and the voyage is shared amongst many and the financial risk of a voyage is removed. By collecting from the ship, your Port Ally or Community Broker, the onward distribution and storage needs are also shared and reduced. By buying larger amounts to last you a season or to share with family and friends, we reduce packaging waste and take one more item off your weekly supermarket lists.

  In this way, we can start small as individuals or groups, whilst all together we are filling the ship’s hold and creating voyage routes where every port arrival is like a homecoming. As sail-cargo-pioneers, your support is launching a system of trade that is truly able to bring global consumption back to a human scale.

  The ship’s arrival becomes a chance to celebrate a job well done, with music, tastings and talks!