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Why the Open Food Network?

Stories from our producers.

Stroud Community Agriculture Stroud Community Agriculture is a community led project farming 50 acres of land and employing 3 full-time-equivalent farmers. SCA sells its surplus vegetables through Stroudco Food Hub on the Open Food Network enabling local people who are not able to commit to a CSA veg share to access the delicious biodynamic vegetables and meat produced on the farm. Farmer Mark Harrison says "we are pleased to be able to sell our surpluses through OFN and be part of a co-operative of local producers building an increasingly strong local food economy." For more detail see
Run by friends Sarah and Lynne, Ferment Bristol are working to support our little microbe friends. "By using only veg grown using organic principles we're supporting the microbes in the soil. And by fermenting them using traditional methods we're helping recolonise the microbes in our guts". "We sell our ferments to customers directly. OFN has enabled us to link our products with other markets and bfood hubs." For more detail see Ferment Bristol

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