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The Blue Schooner Company ship Gallant will arrive at GREENWICH, London on OCTOBER 8TH to deliver the most delicious cargo from Portugal and France. 

We source our products from small family farms that give the best care to the land and their community... they are on the front lines of climate change and their hard work ensures our health and well being. Using the power of the wind to ship our goods over oceans, our products are transported almost fossil fuel free! This makes these exotic products as good as local.

Pre-order and collect for the best price. The producer gets the lion's share of the price, above industry standards, and any savings we can make in the supply chain we pass on to you. Quality food must be accessible to all! As a network of producers, ships and port allies, we work collaboratively and cooperatively to make an affordable food economy, across oceans, one community at a time.

!! BUY LESS, BUY BETTER, BUY LOCAL, BY SAIL !! - find out more about the journey from our partners in the adventure here: www.newdawntraders.com 

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