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OFN UK is designed to make your local food project more viable, easier to run and more convenient for customers.

Food Hubs on the Open Food Network can choose to sell their own produce and the produce of other producers. This could be a farm, CSA or box scheme that would like to include other products within your distribution, and allow customers to easily choose their options and replacements. It could be a farmers market that wants to allow customers to pre-order online. It could be a local shop that wants to have an online presence. Or a wholesaler or procurement enterprise. Maybe you just want to start a local buyers group. The Open Food Network is flexible with a lot of configuration to suit the way you and your community want to source your food.

We're creating a service that is reliable and affordable, and this does have costs. But we also want OFN UK to be as affordable and accessible as possible to as many groups and organisations that want to use it. OFN is a platform cooperative. This means that people who use the service pay to help cover the running costs of the platform in line with a) the value they receive from the service and b) their ability to pay. This way as OFN helps your enterprise to grow you are invited to pay to support OFN in encouraging new food enterprises.

If you'd like to discuss how OFN could work for your local food enterprise please get in touch:

Stories from our hubs.

Stroudco Food Hub is a co-operative made up of about 80 local food and drink producers and about 700 local shoppers. Together these members own and manage this social enterprise which employs a part time manager who coordinates weekly food drops using a primary school every Saturday morning as a drop off point for the produce which has been ordered online during the week. The produce is sorted into boxes for the shoppers to collect or to be delivered to homes within a 3-mile radius of the school. For more detail see

Ella Hoskin says: "I'd like to take this opportunity to say how much we love using food hub, both because of the principles of it - it feels like genuine local activism - and because the food is good value and delicious. It has become one of my favourite things about living in Stroud, thank you!"

Gail Bradbook says: “I am a regular shopper on Stroudco because the quality of the food, goods and service is excellent, as well as being great value. Stroudco has taken the strain out of doing a good thing, shopping locally and providing the family with tasty, healthy food.”
Stroudco Food Hub

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