Stroudco Food Hub / Stroud Farmers' Market

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Welcome to Stroudco Food Hub. Although we are a members co-op, anyone can shop with us. Non-members pay a fee of £1 per order instead of monthly membership. Just start shopping! 

***Important Allergen Information.  Stroudco Food Hub (SFH)  handles all allergens and cannot guarantee that cross-contamination does not take place. Although we take every care to avoid contamination, due to the nature of our supplier collection and distribution process, all food - including unpackaged allergen-free foods - must be considered a risk and customers with particular allergies must be aware of this.  SFH will not assume any liability for adverse reactions from any products consumed or from items one may come in contact with whilst consuming any products provided through SFH.***

Produce from Global Organic Markets is added during Monday each week.