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The Open Food Network software platform allows farmers to sell produce online, at a price that works for them. It has been built specifically for selling food so it can handle tricky measures or stock levels that only food has - a dozen eggs, a bunch of parsley, a whole chicken that varies in weight…

Food Producers can create an online shop, collect payments, sell through other shops on the platform and access reduced-rate courier services.

Wholesalers can integrate OFN with their existing systems and manage buying groups to  supply customers with their produce through our national network of food hubs and shops.

Communities can bring together producers in their local area to create virtual farmers’ markets, building a resilient local food economy.

And what’s just as important as the software itself are the values which underpin it.

If you sell good food - as a farmer, farmer’s market, food co-op, or food hub- then choose software that aligns with your values to build food systems for people and planet, not profit. By working collectively rather than competitively, we share the costs of developing new software, and we ensure that our project is resilient!

Selling with us - 3 easy steps

1. Open your shop

• Add your shop name • Enter a description and contact details • Add photos and social media details

2. Add Your Products

• Create your products • Set prices, stock levels, descriptions and images • Connect with other local producers to stock their products (optional)

3. Plan Your Deliveries

• Set up payment methods • Create pick-up and/or delivery options • Create subscriptions for regular orders

The sustainable food network of our future.

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